Nikk Smit

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Johannesburg, South Africa

About me:

I keep growing my knowledge base expansively by covering topics relevant to my area of work (as well as personal interest i.e. Geopolitics). I have various certifications in management, sales, production, large format printing technology, ICT software solutions & are currently engaged in business management & economics studies.

I help teams succeed through a strategically planned approach to increase organisational performance, customer satisfaction & retention.

I strive to simplify and optimise daily task to increase the chances of success. I value simplicity in dealing with clients & drive hard for short turnaround times. I focus on understanding the various economic climates, pressures & pleasures of the specific industries I work with.

To be a respected adviser to existing and future clients I need to understand their challenges and objectives. Without being a 'soundbite' I aspire to function to the highest levels of professionalism when dealing with peers, my team, my managers and clients. I am a firm believer in ongoing learning as I open my mind to new ideas and facts from the people I deal with daily.

To help people and business succeed and exceed smartly.



Certificate for course Economic History of the Soviet Union

Economic History of the Soviet Union