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Even if a set of natural/just values for production and distribution could be ascertained under LTV, these numbers could not be applied a 6 months or a year later. Assuming that planners had allocated every worker to a job in accordance with a demonstrably nonexploitative plan, in a few months time, some of those workers could have become sufficiently practiced at their craft that the previous harmony of labor to products and their use-value would be disrupted. A LTV-derived configuration of an economy is like a sandcastle cast while at high tide.

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Indeed - one of the biggest problems with planning is that there must be a plan period, and whatever prices are chosen at the start of the plan period are likely to lose accuracy over that period, and without the ability to adjust them (which would make enacting the plan impossible) prices will diverge more and more from those which represent supply, shortages and costs facing planners, and demand and choices of the people.

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