Here are two common myths about big business and why they are wrong.

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I think the best answer is Martin Wolf's. He says the comparison rests on an "elementary howler." It involves computing the size of corporations by sales but that of national economies by gross domestic product. But GDP is a measure of value added, not sales. If one were to compute total sales in a country one would end up with a number far bigger than GDP. One would also be double-, triple- or quadruple-counting.

SEE Martin Wolf, Countries still rule the world: The notion that corporations wield more power than governments rests on flawed calculations and conceptual confusion. Financial Times; Feb 6, 2002

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There are several of the multinational companies who are running there business successfully and still growing with a good percentage. But we can't say that local's can't compete them they are also in the row. For today business there are few factors who can impact the growth. First is how investment. second one is Strategy. shows that how good strategies and involvment of employees in business can help.

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