New MRU Course in Spanish: Prof. Andres Marroquin on the Principles of Microeconomics

BY Brandon Davis ON Wed, July 03, 2013

Andres Marroquin, professor of economics at Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala, joins us as a guest lecturer on the principles of microeconomics. Please note: this entire course is in Spanish. In these videos, Professor Marroquin provides an overview of how consumers and producers interact and behave in the real world. How does demand change when prices go up or down? As consumers, how do we decide how much to buy? You'll also have the opportunity to learn about the supply side of markets and the costs incurred by producers or firms. For instance, what types of costs are part of the production process, and why do costs play such a big role in production decisions? How does regulation affect the price of goods, and what does this mean for consumers and producers? Learn more by participating in our new Spanish language course: "Principles of Microeconomics."

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