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I feel like I'm being very lazy, but I see Lenin's struggles/goals as being:
1) The overthrow of the existing class order.
2) To remake society into the idealized classless order
3) To maintain political dominance of the Marxist ideology/the proletariat during this transition through the role of the dictatorship

1) and 2) are clearly expressed here: and can be found under section 4.
1) " Socialism means the abolition of classes.

In order to abolish classes it is necessary, first, to overthrow the landowners and capitalists."
2) "In order to abolish classes it is necessary, secondly, to abolish the difference between factory worker and peasant, to make workers of all of them."
And under his 5th section, we find the justification of 3:
3) "And classes still remain and will remain in the era of the dictatorship of the proletariat. The dictatorship will become unnecessary when classes disappear. Without the dictatorship of the proletariat they will not disappear.


General talk about freedom, equality and democracy is in fact but a blind repetition of concepts shaped by the relations of commodity production. To attempt to solve the concrete problems of the dictatorship of the proletariat by such generalities is tantamount to accepting the theories and principles of the bourgeoisie in their entirety. From the point of view of the proletariat, the question can be put only in the following way: freedom from oppression by which class? equality of which class with which? democracy based on private property, or on a struggle for the abolition of private property?—and so forth. "

And from the justification I find for 3) it seems clear that Lenin really is suggesting an authoritarian dictatorship, which undermines the views that it was Stalin who somehow corrupted the revolutionary effort, given that the ideas of Lenin by themselves are destructive enough to rule of law to potentially cause a destructive state like the USSR.

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