Cowen vs. Yglesias, plus Econ Duel now in podcast format

BY Meg Gilliland ON Tue, December 13, 2016

We’ve got a couple of course announcements for you.

First, if you’ve been itching to listen to Econ Duel as a podcast, now you can! Head on over to Soundcloud or iTunes to subscribe and check out the latest episode.

And that brings me to the other announcement. We’ve got a new Econ Duel for you! In this one, MRU co-founder Tyler Cowen goes head-to-head with Matt Yglesias, journalist and author of The Rent is Too Damn High.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, prices for rental housing in big cities in the United States have reached staggering heights. Thanks in part to geographical restrictions on building, coastal cities like San Francisco and New York City see the worst of it.

But why is the rent so high, and is there anything to be done about it? Are there ways to lower rent in big cities so that fewer people are priced out of pursuing the opportunities cities afford?

Check out the new Econ Duel to see Yglesias and Cowen debate the possible solutions to this very real problem. As always, let us know who you think won in the comments!



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