Development Economics

Why are some countries rich and others poor? This fundamental question has been on the mind of economists since Adam Smith wrote "The Wealth of Nations" in 1776.

This is a full course that covers all the major issues and developments in the field of development economics. Unlike typical college courses, we will take you to the frontier of the discipline, covering recent research as well as more established material.

This course is non-technical and is accessible to a beginner. If you pass the final exam, you will earn our "Development Economics" certificate on your profile.

Feel free to either go through the entire course or if you prefer, pick and choose videos of interest.

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Runs approx 25.5 video hours

Course Outline

8 Midterm
9 Bottlenecks, Linkages and Intermediate Goods

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Guest Speakers
Can I earn a certificate?

Yes, if you pass the final exam, you will earn the "Development Economics" certificate on your MRUniversity profile. We also recommend Degreed, which allows you to find, track and measure all of your learning in one place. Create an account and add it to your Degreed profile for free.

How can I get updates on this course?

If you subscribe to the course by using the button above, you will receive email updates on the course.

Can I use this content in my class?

Yes, please! The videos are freely available for non-commercial use. Please let us know how it goes.

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What does the opening slide mean?

Conversations with Tyler Featuring Jeffrey Sachs on the Future of Economic Development (April 7th)

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Print your Development Economics certificate!

BY ON Thu, October 03, 2013

If you have passed the final exam, you can now easily print your certificate...

Development Economics Exam

Congratulations, you have made it to the end of Development Economics and MRUniversity’s first course! The only thing that stands between you and your certification now is the final exam. The exam is 20 questions made up of multiple choice and true or false. To pass and receive a certification awarded on your profile, you must earn an 80% or higher on the exam.  The exam is open note, untimed, and can be retaken as many times as needed.  The exam covers course material up through the Finance, Growth and the Poor section. Good Luck!

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