The American Housing Finance System

The course is intended for people who would like a deeper understanding of the American housing finance system. The focus will be on providing necessary background knowledge rather than on evaluating specific policy proposals.  Near the end of the course, participants will be encouraged to bring up policy issues and to discuss them in light of the information presented.

Special emphasis will be placed on two factors.  One is mortgage analytics, which means the measurement and modeling of default risk and interest-rate risk from the standpoint of the lender.  A second factor is business process and industry structure, which means describing the tasks involved in mortgage lending and characterizing the firms that perform each task.

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Runs approx 15 video hours

Course Outline

2 Lowering the initial payment
5 Basic mortgage underwriting
13 Varieties of mortgage securities
16 Painful historical episodes & policy responses
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No certificate is offered for this course.

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Yes, please! The videos are freely available for non-commercial use.  Please let us know how it goes.

Can you explain what's in the course?

Flip the classroom

Arnold's Post Commentary and Testimony (video) to The Financial Services Committee!

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Make sure to check out Arnold Kling’s blog here for post commentary and video from his testimony to

Arnold Kling video chat on 4/4/2013

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Arnold Kling will be hosting a live video chat on Thursday, April 4th at 12 noon EST.

Arnold Kling video chat on 3/8/2013

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We will hold a video chat on Friday, March 8, from 1 to 2 PM ET to discuss course materials on the American Housing Finance System.

Welcome to the course! Let's get started.

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Welcome to the course! Let's get started.

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